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Egg of Columbus Table Lamp

Egg of Columbus Table Lamp
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The strong delicacy and coarse end of paper pressed with a course of that makes it moisture resistant, within the form of probably the most romantic, discreet, democratic chandelier. Post-modern appeal. Egg of Columbus is the title of lamp assortment, comprising three items formed by the inspiration of waves and the pleats of classic lamps, discovered within the homes of occasions passed by.

The substance of the item is distinctively uncooked, tough and weird on this context, produced from a pressed cardboard fibre sometimes used within the packaging business. The materials has been de-contextualized and enriched by an genuine aesthetic and ornamental worth, embodying the item with the attributes of lightness, robustness and a transparent eco-sustainable worth.

Egg of Columbus Collection
Designed by Valentina Carretta – Fabrica
Concept by Seletti in Italy
Country of Manufacture: China
Materials: Water resistant recycled paper, ceramic lamp holder and material wire
Table lamp
Available in 5 totally different colours: Natural, Light Blue, Anthracite, Pink or Green

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