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Egg Tile Mat

Egg Tile Mat
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When it comes to fighting extreme humidity in the summer, the Japanese have become experts in ways to keep their environment dry through anything from high-tech devices to innovative chemicals. But what the Egg Tile Mat brings to the table (well, actually to the floor) is unique even by Japan’s standards: a mat for your bathroom that absorbs humidity using one of the most organic materials you could imagine (or not imagine, as the case might be!): egg shells!

Mixing broken egg shells with clay that is baked as regular clay, the makers of the Egg Tile Mat, NihonMtecs, have managed to create a material with half the weight of the tiles used normally at homes and which not only absorbs excessive humidity but also returns it to the air when it is dry. And with a feeling underfoot you have never experienced before. Either as a mat to use when you get out of your bathtub or as a solution for the whole room (or even home!), the Egg Tile Mat will win you with its style and natural feel.

The Egg Tile Mat features:

Colors: white, brown, mixed
Sizes: standard (43.3 x 31.8cm / 17 x 12.5″), large (51.4 x 39cm / 20.2 x 15.3″)
Weight: Standard (1.9kg/4.1 lbs), Large (3kg/6.6 lbs)
Tile materials: eggshell and clay ceramic
Frame material: natural Japanese cryptomeria
Made in Japan

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