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Egglettes Egg Cooker Without the Shell

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NEW DESIGN: Different from the traditional egg cooker, our new egg cooker specially designed for hard boiled eggs without the shell, this egg boiler Includes 6 individual egg cups, you can choose the quantity according to your actual situation.
Food Safety: BPA Free; FDA approved; Non-Stick silicone egg cooking cups; Dishwasher Safe and Easy to make soft or hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, mini omelettes, egg benedict’s and more.

Time Saver: Grease the egg poachers with oil and crack your egg into the egg cookers, seal and boil it; You can diy your egg for various taste. The perfect cooked egg boil without eggshell AS SEEN ON TV..
Hard Soft Maker: It’s convenient to control time by yourself to make your favorite eggs, such as soft eggs, semi-boiled eggs, hard eggs and so on. Please refer to Instruction Manual for various specific cooking times. Just crack open the eggs, pour into the Egg cooking cup, boil and serve.
CAUTIONS: Please don’t use it in the microwave and Children please be accompanied by adults. It is suggested to use tongs and/or oven mitts to remove from boiling water.

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