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EHang Basic Ghost Drone

EHang Basic Ghost Drone
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GHOST with smartphone creates super flying experience. One-click commands of UNLOCK, TAKEOFF, RETURN made simple and smart.

FLY · EXPLORE · FILM – Everything you need to start your filming adventure. Perfect for first-timers and experienced pilots alike.

• Easy to fly: one-click commands via your smartphone. Auto Return Mode, Auto Follow Mode, Tilt Mode
• Easy to control: Control height and orientation through the APP by sliding bars, and the rest is taken care of.
• Travel light: no more bulky RC controllers, just your smartphone and a G-Box
• Night mode: LED lights to track drone in the sky
• Flight time: Impressive 30 minutes (20 minutes with a gimbal and GoPro / action camera attached)
• Way-Point Flying: Point-to-Point Flying, Point your finger on the map, and the drone flies to that spot. Say goodbye to “blind flying”
• LIVE Data Sync: Within 1000m of communication distance, flight data is displayed in the app to show the drone’s condition.

Inspire to Film, Easier to control than a Parrot Bebop, and cost less than a DJI Phantom! What more you can ask for!

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