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Elastic Fruit Basket by Wassily

Elastic Fruit Basket by Wassily
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Thanks to its tightly woven non-toxic silicone structure, inside the Wassily fruit basket your fruit seems suspended in the air, transforming an everyday item into a playful accessory.
The silicone web also allows fruit to stay fresh for longer, keeping it fully aerated as no two pieces touch.
Every Wassily is hand-assembled; each piece is unique.

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Material: curved and perforated steel structure; non-toxic, food-safe silicone string, hand-assembled; dust-coated veneer, laser-cut birch plate
Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 20 cm, weight 1,5 Kg
Useful information: no maintenance needed, clean as needed with running water, use alcohol-free, non-abrasive products
Packaging: Havana cardboard box, cloth sack, included signed limited edition certificate
Details: each piece is unique
Color: green

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