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ElectraFin Powered Watersport Fin

ElectraFin Powered Watersport Fin
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ElectraFin Powered Watersport Fin

Electrafin is an electric propulsion system which mounts onto nearly all SUP’s and many kayaks.
A silent, zero emission, battery-powered electric conversion kit for stand-up paddle boards.
Variable Speed
Choose any speed. Travel at a mellow cruise or beat the current and accelerate to full speed of 4 – 5 mph *boat dependent*.
950 MPG

Compared to 20 MPG to on an equivalent sized gas trolling motor. Save money and resources while enjoying the great outdoors
Stainless Steel Hardware

Safe for fresh and salt water use. All components are waterproof and replaceable.
Fully recharge in 4 – 5 hours.

Use the 16.8 volt charger, swap in a fully charged spare battery or harness the power of the sun with the solar charging kit.

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