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Electric Self-Balancing Unicycle by Airwheel

Electric Self-Balancing Unicycle by Airwheel
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Lighter, Space-Saving & More Portable Airwheel products are green and environmetally friendly. Powered by leading core technology and featured with portability, Airwheel is your ideal commuting alternative.

Airwheel is internally architectured to be as space-saving as possible for the large capacity battery. Mounted with 88Wh/130Wh/170Wh battery core and optimized by CPU power-saving design, Airwheel delivers sufficient battery range.

Design Fresh丨Dynamic丨Low-Carbon 丨Environmentally Friendly Airwheel’s design concept weaves through every step of manufacturing and every single details of products.

Latest Intelligent System Chip Build-in intelligent balancing chip & Gyroscope Fuzzy Algorithm & Aviation Altitude Control Technique Escort your way with our intelligent protection system.

Aviation Aluminum Pedal with Exclusive Pedal Folding Tech High Strength | Ultra-Widened | Suit Your Feet Better Fit | Natural Adsorption | Facilitate Your Riding

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