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Electro Joe Electric Cargo Bicycle

Electro Joe Electric Cargo Bicycle
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What’s more relaxing than a bike ride? How about a bike you don’t have to pedal! These custom-made electric bicycles charge from a simple wall socket, and have a range of at least 20 miles.

The Electro Joe is a perfectly regular functioning bike, with one big difference. Thanks to a small, powerful motor and a rechargeable battery, you can go wherever you want without pedaling at all! Have a hard time keeping up with the kids? Electro Joe to the rescue! Love to bike but struggle with hills?

Let the eco-friendly bike do the work for you. Or just keep the battery in reserve for when you’re too tired to pedal anymore. If you’ve always wanted a secondary way to get around when you’re traveling in your RV, this is a simpler, more affordable, and more convenient solution than a car or motor scooter. Unlike a rigid frame longtail, this folding model can be carried on the back of your car without extending beyond the wheelbase! Also stows neatly in your boat or RV. Order your electric bike today for just $2995.00, or call us at 206-707-9394 for more options!

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