Electrostatic-Generating Silicone Broom

Electrostatic-Generating Silicone Broom
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  • ? the next generation of cleaning tools: Patent pending technology. Revolutionary innovative replacement for all types of brooms. The only silicone carpet rake / bristle push broom in the market, best results for fur, pet and human hair removal. Ideal dust and dirt non-scratch sweeper where high level of sanitation is needed.
  • ? easy & effiecient multi-purpose sweeper: The silicone due to its electrostatic properties works as a magnet, attract, collect and remove pet hair, fur, dirt, lint, ash and more. Sweeping without raising dust clouds or leaving dirt trails. The built-in squeegee edge makes it ideal for wiping water and liquid spills. The contour bumper belt prevents harm to furniture.
  • ? multi-surface cleaner: Proved efficiency for wet or dry surfaces such as carpet, rug, hardwood floor, tile, concrete, glass, window, shower, windshield and more. Indoor and outdoor places such as: private house / household, garden, balcony, garage, deck, clinic, salon, nursing home, hospital and more.
  • ? features: Easy to install, The long extendable handle splits into 4 parts of 30.7 each, allowing 4 different heights of (including broom’s head): 17/ 32/ 52/ 64 which makes it easy to use for any user height and get to hard to reach areas and small places. Italian Screw / Thread. Durable and sturdy steel handle with powder coated finish. Broom head dimensions (width x length): 2.8 x 9.1
  • ? silicone Vs. rubber: The silicone bristles are more elastic than any rubber bristles and don’t wear off, collapse or deform, being durable up to 260c/520f it can be used/sterilized with steam, hot water, dishwasher safe. The silicone creates static electricity which works as a magnet to different particles and micro-organisms and helps to alleviate allergies.
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