Elegant Natural Slate Label Boards with Soapstone Chalk Markers

Elegant Natural Slate Label Boards with Soapstone Chalk Markers
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Any food lover would be thrilled to open up a gift and find this elegant cheese marker set inside! Its versatility among a wide range of foods, the tasteful design .and the natural materials make it something on every cheese lover’s wishlist.use the Cheese Marker Set to let your guests know exactly what you amazing cheeses you are offering at your next dinner party! But it is made for more than just cheese, so you can label anything that you need with the All Natural Black Slate markers.once you are done with your cheese, you can easily and quickly wash the marker set. The chalk washes away instantly from the slate, leaving it ready for next time.the All Natural Black Slate was specifically chosen because it is 100% organic and bpa free, meaning that your food stays free from any chemicals that can harm you or alter the taste.perfect for all sorts of gatherings, dinner parties, charcuterie nights and more, the Cheese Marker Set is perfect for just about any situation where you want to show off your food to your friends.we specifically chose natural black slate and bamboo for your cheese marker set in order to prevent harmful bpa and bacteria from contaminating the cheese. This means that your cheese stays free from unhealthy germs, as well as anything that could alter its delicious taste!

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