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eLite Spectra Bluetooth Glove Set

eLite Spectra Bluetooth Glove Set
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The future of Gloving. Now.

Free EmazingLights Mobile App: Available on the iTunes and Google Play stores. Free app updates with bonus features. Build off Emazing’s glove sets or start from scratch. Edit and reorder modes on-the-go. (explain this to a general audience?)

Millions of colors: Create your own color palette and theme your colors to be completely unique. Use the interactive color picker, input an exact hex value (16 million combinations), or play with sliders for Red-Green-Blue and Hue-Saturation-Brightness values.

Custom flashing patterns: 48 pre-programmed flashing patterns including 25 never-before-seen light patterns. Edit options like Strobe Length, Gap Length and more to recreate any existing flashing pattern, or make something totally new to the world.

Live Color and Pattern Preview: See a Live Preview on your Smart Hub as you tweak your settings then sync your entire glove set in seconds.

Flux Motion Reactive Accelerometer: Lights that react to your moves. Flux motion options to react smoothly in-sync with your movements, plus made them adjustable to your exact specs. Accelerometer not included on the Smart Hub.

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