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Emergency Break Glass Money Box

Emergency Break Glass Money Box
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Have you been struggling to save money lately? Or maybe you’ve always planned to start saving but never really found the right motivation. Whatever the case, the Emergency Break Glass Money Box might come in handy.

There’s a difference between the Break Glass money box and other similar gadgets. Sure, most of them are beautiful and this is exactly the point: they make you feel sorry for breaking them. But we all know that that’s part of the story, you are supposed to break the box once it’s full or when you need the money.

So we’re not being unrealistic about that – we put a message right on the screen that says “In case of emergency break glass”. And this is not just for you: we made it so that you can hang it on a wall so that it can act as an emergency money box for everyone in the house.

Also, the transparent screen will allow you to see your progress for extra motivation.

The Emergency Break Glass Money Box was Designed by Becky Miller.

Dimensions 118 x 118 x 51mm.

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