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Emergency Personal Alarm by Robocopp

Emergency Personal Alarm by Robocopp
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We are born explorers. The SOUND GRENADE helps us explore with confidence. It is an ultra-compact personal alarm, small in size but big in sound. Once you pull the pin, this personal alarm emits a 120 decibel (ambulance-level) alarm. The siren will sound continuously for 30 minutes unless pin is returned to device. INCLUDED: Battery and Metal Carabiner. As seen on NBC, this is the original Sound Grenade by ROBOCOPP. Beware of low-quality imitations.

How can you carry something big and bulky? The answer is you can’t. We’ve created the World’s Smallest SOS alarm. In fact, if you find a smaller one, we will give you ours for free.

It comes with a pre-installed carabiner (metal hook) so you can clip on a keychain or backpack with extreme ease.

You can take your portable alarm in the cold outdoors, where you might need it most. Operating Temperature Range: -10*C to 40*C or 14*F to 104*F

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