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Emoji Pillows by Throwboy

Emoji Pillows by Throwboy
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‘Smirk’ Emoji Plush Pillow by Throwboy. “It started out as a simple gift. In 2007 Roberto Hoyos hand-sewed 7 pillows resembling computer icons to impress his geek girl. Pictures of the pillows went viral online, and he founded Throwboy Pillows. Since then, Throwboy has grown into a colorful empire to help you let your geek flag fly. When words aren’t enough, Emoji Pillows let you say it with a smile! Now you can send a one in huggable pillow form. The same bright emojis you know and love work even when your phone drops dead from exhaustion.” Made with tremendous smooth plush and crammed with polyester fiber.

Size: Approximately 13″ throughout
Medium: Plush
Edition: Limited
Designer: Throwboy

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