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Emsco Group Darwin The Galapagos Turtle Hose Hider

Emsco Group Darwin The Galapagos Turtle Hose Hider
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ADORABLE GALAPAGOS TURTLE DESIGN – This functional hose storage system features a hose hider, a hose reel, and a protective lid. It comes in a Galapagos giant tortoise design made from durable resin. Additionally, the sturdy construction is finished with a patina that simulates the look of antique statues to add aesthetic appeal and impress your neighbors!

SUPERIOR STORAGE CAPACITY – This decorative and functional hose hider can store up to 100 feet of 5/8” garden hose in its large compartment. You can also purchase the unit without a hose reel to store various garden supplies. The unique design is sure to improve the aesthetic of any lawn!

DURABLE POLY CONSTRUCTION – Made from a premium resin, this garden hose hider has a weatherproof construction that can withstand prolonged exposure to heat and moisture. The sturdy structure effectively resists the chemical damage brought about by environmental elements like sun and rain.

VERSATILE GARDENING TOOL – This garden tool can be used as a standalone decoration or as a decorative hose hider. The unit can also be purchased without a hose reel to store any type of garden supplies. This versatile structure has a massive storage space that makes it ideal as an organizer with an upscale appearance that will enhance the visual appeal of any setting.

WITH PROTECTIVE LID AND ANCHORING SYSTEM – This functional lawn decoration is designed with a protective lid that seamlessly integrates into the overall structure. The tortoise’s shell acts as the lid. An innovative anchoring system also allows the structure to firmly and securely attach itself to the ground – preventing it from being dragged whenever the hose is in use.

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