Endangered Javan Rhino Art Piece

Endangered Javan Rhino Art Piece
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The Javan Rhino is made from hand cut glass, shattered glass, diamond dust, spray paint, ink and resin on aluminum sheet. The original artwork is finished in black gloss frame.staying true to his love of colour and mixed media, Dan Pearces iconic style is still evident in his new animal series, Endangered. Spray paint, aluminium, and resin the key ingredients to a Dan Pearce original are all still there, with the new addition of shattered glass and glass shards; a parody that tragically echoes the fragile future of these incredible animals.i along with a lotof people were recently moved by the death of the last white Rhino ‘Sudan’. It led me to think about and focus on the many species which may no longer be around by the time i have grandchildren. i used this topic of majestic animals to experiment and progress my work and techniques. Im enjoying the challenges that new mediums bring such as diamond dust and shattered glassfollow Dan’s creations on Instagram @dan_pearce_art

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