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EndlessID Luggage and Backpack Smart Tag

EndlessID Luggage and Backpack Smart Tag
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Having clear identification on luggage and personal items is the first step in recouping when they are lost. Giving instant access to contact the owner and receiving immediate location notice of where it was found, is the ultimate step in securing the safe return of lost pieces.

With EndlessID Tag, users can update luggage information as often as needed, and do away with paper tags or personalized tags that don’t have added security. Whenever the EndlessID Tag is accessed, user receives an instant notification along with a geo-location where the tag was last accessed from.


Medical emergencies are not the most pleasant thoughts when thinking about travel, so why not travel with a safety companion and peace of mind?

The EndlessID Tag has a medical emergency feature which gives users the option of enabling medical identification information in the event they find themselves in a situation where they cannot communicate their identity or important medical information. User’s designated emergency contact(s) will also receive an instant alert.


Create a Profile: It’s quick and easy, in just 3 minutes or less, you can create an online profile.
Attach the tag: Attach the tag to a backpack, luggage, purse, or any item you wish to keep secure.
Travel Confidently! : Know that instant notifications are on the way if anyone should anyone access the tag.

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