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Enki Stove Wild

Enki Stove Wild
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Enki Stove Wild is a outdoor camp stove, designed to run with every kind of biomass, avoiding the transportation of gas tanks or charcoal, everywhere and without smoke.
Enki Stove Wild is not a survival item! Wild is a professional cooker stove, it’s powerful and you can use it to cook and grill as a pro, without wasting a lot of wood or gas.
Enki Stove Wild is a portable pyrolytic stove. Our stove transforms the fuel into gas instead of burning it directly. Through this particular process, you can have a clean, stable and smokeless flame.

Control the fire with just one touch.
Adjust the intensity of the flame through the controller. The Smart USB Cable lets you choose between three power levels:
Low: for a gentle and powerful fire, perfect to heat up and as light spot
Mid: for a stronger flame perfect to keep the water boiling
High: to grill as a pro or to boil your water quicker

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  • That’s not a review! It’s just a rehash of the manufacturer marketing material! I tried the Enki Stove Wild, and hwile it works ok with pellet stove, there’s no way you can cook a meal using twigs and woods gathered in the wild.