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Equilibrio Lamp

Equilibrio Lamp
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EQUILIBRIO lamp has been created drawing inspiration from the constant equilibrium among the fundamental forces that gives life to our Universe.

The result is a lamp based on the balance between gravity and magnetic attraction. With a simple interaction, EQUILIBRIO is able to change from a diffused to a direct light.

By experimenting with magnetic attraction on different weights and materials, studying optics, lenses and light diffusion, we succeeded in creating a minimalistic lamp which functionality is determined by equilibrium.

EQUILIBRIO is a lamp with no structure. When the two ends of the lamp are close, the magnetic force in between them becomes strong enough to challenge gravity, letting the lamp magically float in the air.

Thanks to its design, EQUILIBRIO can have a more diffused light when the two ends of the lamp are perfectly aligned, allowing the light to spread from the bottom to the top part. Breaking the balance by taking the lower part, the light source can be used as a direct light.

The FLOOR version is a minimalistic lamp that will leave all your guests totally astonished. Its simple design fits any decor and creates the perfect ambience.

EQUILIBRIO DESK version brings the same sense of lightness and simplicity directly in your working space. This very interactive light creates an entertaining and appealing sense of magic.

EQUILIBRIO is composed of two symmetric tubes. The first is an anodized aluminium tube which contains LED, the second is a sanded Plexiglass light diffuser. A ring magnet is placed at the end of each tube, generating the magnetic attraction able to sustain the weight of the bottom part. The length of the cable is measured to let the two components attracted but not to get in contact.

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