eQuilibrium RFID wallet

eQuilibrium RFID wallet
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eQuilibrium RFID wallet provides modern solutions to modern problems. It is sleek, stylish, and most of all, it will protect the cards and money from getting pick-pocketed, electronically or otherwise.

This wallet will keep your whole life safe. As it is common for people to carry their entire lives in a wallet which goes beyond just money. (I’m one of them and to be fair it is not very safe doing it).

Gone are the days when thieves’ sole goal is pick-pocketing cash from wallets.

Instead, with modern technology, thieves resort to stealing information from your credit cards or your driver license.

In order to combat this, eQuilibrium has especially armed this wallet with anti-theft technology called RFID blocking technology.

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification where someone can easily identify, track and steal your credit card, driver’s license, and information from the tags.

With the eQuilibrium RFID wallet, one can rest-easy while commuting from one place to another.

You can say goodbye to bulky wallets which is known for ugly bulges which can make sitting down uncomfortable as well.

Here are some cool eQuilibrium RFID wallet features:

  • The material of the wallet is made of high-quality aluminum which is also water-resistant as well as weather-resistant.
  • As it is extremely durable, it eliminates the problems of carrying leather wallets which are usually subjecting to creasing, bending, folding and cracking.
  • Despite being made out of metal, it is light and slim.
  • With its sleekness, there are enough compartments for carrying at least ten cards along with cash.

The eQuilibrium RFID wallet embodies class while being durable and providing additional security too. You can take it anywhere whether you are hiking or partying. It also makes it a great gift for all occasions. It makes it hardly possible for someone to refuse this wonderfully made,  high-end wallet.

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