GlucoGenius, the Healthcare Assistant

GlucoGenius, the Healthcare Assistant
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Bluetooth dongle is a health assistant that measures many body index, such as Blood Oxygen Saturation, Blood flow Velocity, Haemoglobin, and Pulse, last but not least, blood glucose level. It is a multi-meter. It also has many benefits:

1. Truly non-invasive: Does not require blood sample for testing. 100% pain free.
2. Cost effective: It does not require any consumables strip or lancet.
3. Fast and reliable: Each test only takes 60 seconds, and with our sensor which utilizes ‘metabolic heat conformation’ method, it is able to obtain reliable result of 88.4%, higher than pricking fingers.
4. Trend tracking: You can keep track of your own health trends by using our view data function to adjust your health habits.

Requires applications we develop on iOS and Android to work.

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