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Esska watches – minimal and contemporary

Esska watches – minimal and contemporary
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Esska shoes is launching its first watch. Following the same principles of clean and minimal design.

My Story

10 years ago, I launched my shoe brand ESSKA, with an aim to offer women a solution… To wear stylish shoes that ARE COMFORTABLE and affordable! Without any compromise… Initially it was for me and my friends, now more than 100,000 women wear Esska shoes….

As an architect, I value functionality. I don’t like decoration and ornaments. I believe in simplicity and clean aesthetics. I design everything myself… I draw and redraw. I go to leather shows to pick my materials and colours. I visit factories to create my samples. And the most important thing, I TRY THEM ON. I scrutinize them, I think of every possible foot type, the wider, the narrower, the high instep the low instep… I modify them, over and over… until I reach the perfect fit… the one that is easy to wear and to keep on for hours a day.

I don’t work alone. But everyone who works with me follows the same ethos. We want to service our customers’ needs and fulfill their expectations. We enjoy what we do and do it from the heart.

My Idea

10 years on, my passion for shoes is still strong, but I have other passions too… and one of them is watches. So I decided to design watches with the same Esska ethos. Minimal, clean, timeless, stylish, with the little hint of fun our shoes are known for. And just like my shoes, affordable… without compromising quality.

I have worked with experts to develop two amazing watches. Every detail has been studied, amended and refined to create the watches I want to wear.

The specs

We have created the best of everything, and kept to our promise to keep the prices affordable.

Genuine leather straps
Stainless 36mm steel cases
Japanese 3 hand movement
Stainless steel buckle fastening
Flat lenses
2 year warrantee
Packaged in a beautiful box with a velvet cushion

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