Etisklaer | ethic basics, premium quality and timeless

Etisklaer | ethic basics, premium quality and timeless
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Etisklaer was created out of love for great design and appreciation for well-made things and for people who value quality but are looking to pay a reasonable price to get it. Looking good is important but not at the cost of others. That’s why we use 100% organic cotton made in Italy for all our basics. We stick to timeless designs and don’t use any outer branding.

Our pursuit of Basics finds its goal in being close to every kind of human being. The more particulars are removed, the bigger is the number of people we can unite with our brand. We feel so close the concept of solidarity between humans that every product we offer is made from only certified materials. By certified we mean materials made with respect for environment and people. In every product we sell, we see opportunity to donate. That’s why we created a dedicated fund for charity purposes, active on every single product.

Where does Etisklaer came out. Is that a bad world in some north European language? Etisklaer is basically a mashup between two Norwegian words, etiske and klær, those meaning Ethical and Clothing. We choose Norwegian language in particular because we wanted to aim to north European style of design and fashion for its peculiar minimalism. Essetial is the way.

Along with the name, the design and graphic strategy of Etisklaer is so basic right because we want to express the concept that the less you have, the more you feel close to others. If your story is too complex none will understand it.

100% organic cotton and recycled paper for packaging is our way of being close to our planet and its habitant. Just as an example, part of the craftsmanship behind the packaging is entrust to inmates as part of a social integration project.

We select our partners and suppliers exclusively from Fair Trade, GOTS, Oeko-Tex Standard and Carbon Reduction Label companies. To start making the difference you begin from getting the right friends around you.

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