Etsy Shop SEO Product Description with Tags and Title

Etsy Shop SEO Product Description with Tags and Title
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You have your customers attention, now its time to seal the deal! Woo your target audience with sales-driven, keyword-rich descriptions that highlight your products unique features and benefits! Skillfully written, personalized content that captivates your customers will set you apart from your competition and help you close each sale like a pro. this listing includes tags! This listing includes a custom set of 20+ tags and title keywords! Always well-researched and personalized, tags and keywords by viktoriouswords are designed to shoot your listings to the top of the search and get you the attention you deserve! benefits: – SEO-rich text ranks higher in search engines – Engaging descriptions reflect your individuality and flair – Sales-driven content creates urgency and desire – a+ grammar, syntax, and tone – Key technical information (care instruction/important features) organized for easy viewing what you get: – a pdf digital file with a personalized description of your product (100-200 words) – a pdf digital file of 20+ custom tags specific to your product More seo help:

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