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eversolo | Sleep aid and white noise generator

eversolo | Sleep aid and white noise generator
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It’s time to give yourself a better sleep and hearing environment and a new bluetooth speakers.

Eversolo is suitable for babies, students, shift workers, apartment dwellers, snorers and their spouses, as well as other people.

It turns out that we live in a environment with various noise, and most people’s sleep and work are greatly influenced by these noise, such as the sound of moving a table upstairs, car horns outside or the snoring of your spouse.

Eversolo is designed to improve noise environment, and help people go to sleep quickly or concentrate on their work.

White noise means the consistent sound generated uniformly by all the audible frequency. When you feel that you have been interfered by the noise outside, white noise can create a masking effect, to block the outside world.

What do babies get stressed about? Just about everything. They’re stressed when they’re over-tired, they’re stressed because their world is more stimulating than they’re ready to handle, they’re overwhelmed with lights, faces, and excitement. White noise creates a safe space for them by blocking out that stimulation. This helps them fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer. Your baby’s sleep setting can be gently heard through a strategically placed baby monitor, allowing you to enjoy a more restful sleep while still being able to hear when you are needed.

I believe that you must have such a experience that your productivity was interfered by a sudden harsh noise when you were concentrating on your work. You should have a eversolo, to help you create a interference-free space in your place and block out all the noise outside. Your time is very valuable, and lets’ help you bring the maximum productivity into play.

The wall you share with other people will bring a challenge to your sleep and comfort, no matter neighbors’ laugh, the sound moving objects, or the cry of neighbors’ lovely animals, as well as TV and radio. Start eversolo to help you screen this noise and gain better sleep.

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