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Everything Table

Everything Table
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The Everything Table is a multifunctional workhorse for storing and displaying items in your home. Use it as a terrarium, put magazines in it, store the kids toys or use it as a stylish ice bucket. The Everything Table can be used for just that… Everything.

A 5″ inch hole in the glass gives you easy access to the inside of the dish while an optional second level of glass acts as a divider within the dish as well as a second surface to place objects on.

What will you use it for?

Short (Coffee Table): 20″ Ø x 15.75″ H
Tall (Side Table): 20″Ø x 20.25″ H

Dish — Powder coated aluminum
Legs — Powder coated steel
Top — Glass

Dish — Gloss White
Legs — Matte Black

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