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évoé – The first digital cellar for wine lovers

évoé – The first digital cellar for wine lovers
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Keep track of all your wine movements, manage your cellar anytime anywhere and get access to all information you need about your wines!

Cellar management, recording automatically all bottle movements in and out.

Searching wines by name, by label, with filtering capabilities to reach all information such as grape variety, alcohol content, rating, name of producer.

Information on the optimum maturity of any wines.

Recording wine testing experience and managing your favorites, sharing your wine tasting experience with a community of wine lovers.

If we reach our campaign goal many other functionalities and improvements will be implemented in the app.

Android version of the app is currently developed and will be available before the delivery of the product.

The évoé wine companion reads an NFC chip discretely placed under the bottle, and sends the information to a mobile app connected with a professional wine database.

By professional database we mean that information is curated by professionals, not simply generated by users, thus providing the most reliable information. The database contains 300’000 different wines and gathers data on almost 1’000’000 different vintages.

The reading of the tag is confirmed by a light signal:

The bottle movement’s information is stored in the wine companion until it is downloaded via Bluetooth with the mobile device.
évoé can manage several cellars and allows to create sections in the cellars to easily retrieve any wine.
It manages bottles of different sizes individually or per box.


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