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Excuses & Lies For All Occasions

Excuses & Lies For All Occasions
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Everybody lies. If they say they dont, theyre lying. Scientists have proven that excuses and lies have played a role in our evolutionary survival, so the question isnt whether to lie, its how. Excuses & Lies for All Occasions provides the necessary lines for workplace, friendships, family, your own inner thoughts, unpaid bills, and more. With this pocket-sized prompter, youll never contemplate the honest route again! Chapters range from Self-Deceptions to Behaving Badly. Over 501 excuses and lies to choose from. Hardcover; 3.25 x 5.5 inches; 112 pages.

We are Knock Knock, a product design company with aspirations to greatness. We concoct, manufacture, and distribute witty objects of cosmopolitan panache from our shamelessly sunny perch on the left-hand coast. Our domain is desire rather than necessity, though we seek to infuse our creations with utility and meaning.

Knock Knock was founded in 2002 with a mission to create witty, design-driven gift products and books, along with anything else that might strike the Knock Knock fancy. The Knock Knock team operates out of a sunny loft in Venice, California, a fantasy locale if ever there were one.

Were a dynamic group who do everything from creating our products and books to overseeing the all-important logistical dynamics of manufacturing, sales, and distribution. We believe in the Golden Rule, friendly customer service, and shipping quality merchandise on time, though occasionally we are grumpy, and circumstances beyond our control result in tardiness. We suffer fools not gladly, but for the most part we actually like other human beings.

Our customers comprise the impish, the dapper, the droll, the young-at-heart, those who prefer the humor of the truth to false feel-good affirmations. On the highfalutin front, Knock Knock seeks to integrate art and commercecreating original, authentic, noncynical products. Our inspirations are Charles and Ray Eames and Tibor Kalman, designers who refused compartmentalization and brought intelligence, aesthetics, and creativity to everything they touched.

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