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Explorer Pedal-Power Go-Cart by YBike

Explorer Pedal-Power Go-Cart by YBike
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The YBIKE Explorer is a new generation three wheel go-kart that has a distinctive back wheel steering system. The unique design encourages bilateral coordination and skills development in kids. Quality parts allow for a smooth and effortless ride giving a “moon-walk” experience.

What makes YBIKE’s new Explorer go-kart different from other go-karts? The YBIKE Explorer packs in play value and is powered completely by kid pedal power.
Its sleek and functional design features two easy to grip handles to make the ride secure and unique back wheel steering that makes it easy to maneuver while cruising the pavement.
Kid powered – no batteries just pedal power
Gets kids to unplug and trade screen time for green time outdoors
Beautifully designed, sleek engineering featuring rear wheel steering and easy to grip handles. Recommended for kids ages 5 and up (max. weight 100 lbs)

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