Extra Large Photo Album. Traditional Book Bound Photograph

Extra Large Photo Album. Traditional Book Bound Photograph
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Luxury Traditional Style Book Bound Photograph Album with a high quality pale ivory pearlescent finish. Album measurements and capacity are as follows: 35x36cms (external album size). 32x34cms (internal page measurements) 50 high quality white card pages (100 sides) The first and last cover pages are plain and the remaining 48 pages (96 sides) have a translucent tissue interleaf to protect your photographs. Pages are photo safe and acid free. Each page side will accommodate up to: four 4×6″ (10.2 x 15.2cms) photos two 5×7″ (12.7 x 17.8cms) photos two 6×8″ (15.2×20.3cms) photo one 8×10″ (20.3×25.4cms) photo one 8×12″ (20.3×30.5cm) photo one 10×12″ (25.4×30.5cm) photo This is a traditional style album therefore it has plain card pages and translucent interleaves. Traditional style albums allow you to be creative with how and where you position your photos on the page, you can also place different size photos in the album if you wish. Photos can be fixed in place using an adhesive of your choice, we recommend double sided photo stickers or photo corners (both of which are available to purchase with this album). The translucent interleaves simply act as protective dust sheets, you lift them to view the photos. The album is plain for you to decorate as you wish, giving you the opportunity to create a truly unique photo album to mark your special day.

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