Eyeglass Chain Glasses Chains Eyeglass Leashes COOL

Eyeglass Chain Glasses Chains Eyeglass Leashes COOL
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This cool eyeglass chain / eyeglass leash / eyewear womens accessory rocks! Why be uncool with a glasses chain that makes you look older than you really are? If you’re anything like me, you will want something more youthful, such as this ball chain style eyeglass leash. i actually came up with this design for myself–i was looking for something a bit “younger,” casual, and maybe a touch industrial. This is an extremely lightweight and flexible eyeglass chain / eyeglass leash / lanyard. It will blend in very well with most contemporary casual jewelry and takes up very little space–it will easily fit into your eyeglass case, or even tuck into your blue jeans pocket, unlike many chains of this sort. You get to decide what color highlight wire is used. Match it to your jewelry, eye color or frames. Choose your favorite from the drop down menu. The colors are in the main photo pictured above — black, silver, burgundy, gold, taupe, purple, dusty rose, or peridot green. Although not shown in the photos, there are also new colors — copper, bright red, and hematite gray options available in the drop down. This leash measures approx. 24 inches. i suggest this length for women who are 5’2″ or less, or those who like to hold their glasses higher up on the chest.

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