Fake Lip Ring Snake Bites Lip Cuffs NO PIERCING Black 20

Fake Lip Ring Snake Bites Lip Cuffs NO PIERCING Black 20
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Entire store on sale now! Receive 20% off your entire order when you buy 3 or more items. Discount automatically applied at checkout. `.no piercing required! – handmade to order. Try a faux piercing to see what it looks like on you before getting the real thing or skip the pain & permanence by simply making Curly Cuffs a permanent part of your look. Faux body piercings allow you to achieve more looks by wearing them in different places each time you style them, or keep them in the same place every time to fool people into thinking you got the real piercing. Curly Cuffs’ original and unique cuff design allows for a comfortable fit on anyone! how to wear it: Simply open the 1st cuff slightly (the circle end will go on the inside of your lip), slide it on at the thinnest part of your your lip, move it into place and squeeze to secure. Then, place the 2nd cuff where you want it and repeat. 1 kit includes: 2 lip cuffs sizes: (both lip cuffs will be sent in the same size) Small: 10mm Extra Small: 8mm If you’re not sure which size to purchase, we suggest going with the smaller size because they’re easier to size up than size down. Material: 20 gauge, black wire. To shop our 14k gold collection, please click here:

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