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Falcon 9 Rocket Chandelier

Falcon 9 Rocket Chandelier
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Designed by: Humans
Built by: Robots
Inspired by: SpaceX

When you own a fleet of giant composite extrusion 3d printers and love space like we do, stuff like this happens. We’re offering two different versions of the nozzles, for the material scientist and engineering nerds among you. The Polycarbonate version is glass fiber reinforced and has a flexural yield of 210MPa with a Youngs Modulus of 17GPa. It has a nice gong sound when struck. The extra fancy version is the PPS-carbon fiber reinforced nozzle option. This uses the highest strength 3d printed material ever developed. It has a nearly metal-like resonance sound when struck, it is truly bizarre to hear a plastic make this sound.

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