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Falcore Racing Drone Kit

Falcore Racing Drone Kit
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The Falcore is a 250-sized racing drone from Amimon that works in conjunction with the included CONNEX ProSight HD FPV system. With a top speed of 80 mph, the Falcore is a performer that will appeal to experienced racers. At the same time, its “Shield” flight mode is designed to make learning to fly intuitive and easy for beginners. This FPV bundle features a mostly assembled aircraft plus the essentials to get you started, including the HD FPV downlink, radio controller (transmitter), flight battery and charger, and propeller installation tool.

Key Features:
Top Speed of 80 mph
CONNEX ProSight HD FPV Video Downlink
Carbon Fiber Monocoque
Flex Propeller Arms Dislocate On Impact
Toolless Motor Removal

F3-Based Flight Control System
Shield Flight Mode for Beginners
Automatic Stop and Land Function
CONNEX DRIVE 2204-2300 Motors

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