Feelin Willie Friggin’ Patriotic Music Ready to Press

Feelin Willie Friggin’ Patriotic Music Ready to Press
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This is a lot of info. -Take a deep breath. -Make sure you read it through…. lots of answers to a lot of questions! Welcome to our diy Blanks, Designs & Transfers Shop! ?’Please choose from the drop down menu your preferred size and printed sublimation transfers-?’ ?Worried about sizing send us a message and ask, we can always do custom sizes These are amazing right?!?! This is going to sound silly. Quality matters. We use a high end machine and the high end ink to keep the quality. Unfortunately this is a common theme with alot of our competition. Our Printer is a Photo quality printer with an 8 color cartridge system. As with all sublimation the higher the polyester count, the more vibrant your image is going to be. You need at least 50% polyester and that will give you a more vintage look. While very cool, i don’t always recommend it as the thread count and color vary even with that 50% range. Manufacturers across the board vary so much its hard to know how its going to turn out. Use more poly! There is no white printed in a sublimation transfer. If you are using a colored shirt the colors are going to turn out differently, and you will see the color of the shirt in the intended “white” space of a design. The lighter the fabric the better! All computer monitors vary in color if you are trying to match something let us know and we can try to assist! Sublimation is a permanent design it will not peel or fade. We do always recommend washing inside out and not drying. no watermarks will be on your printed transfer or your digital design. These transfers only go on items made for it!

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