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FightMaster Boxing Trainer

FightMaster Boxing Trainer
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The Core Home Fitness FightMaster, invented by former Australian Champion Boxer – Rai Fazio, is a new form of boxing style conditioning which creates the ultimate target striking training station for your home or studio. Key to this design is the use of the patented reactive rod system attached to each pad/target. These rods have been set up to replicate punching a focus mitt, by offering a slight “give” in the pads on impact. Each pad has been set up specifically to replicate different styles of punching, allowing the user to throw any punch, or any combination of punches.

The result is a significant reduction in the risk of injury to users or training partners while delivering an unparalleled boxing experience. This truly unique product combined with an effective program will change the face of fight conditioning for all all athletes. 11 perfectly positioned and angled striking pads to accommodate a variety of specific punches – straights, jabs, hooks, upper cuts Pads 1-4 for Straight Rights or Lefts and Jabs Pads 5-9 for Hooks and Upper Cuts Pads 10-11 for Body Rips All pads feature ripstop material and utilize debossed numbers with high vis white numbers Adjustable upper and lower shuttle makes a perfect fit for athlete heights from 5’0″ to 6’6”

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