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Finger Stylus Ring

Finger Stylus Ring
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The txtRng;) finger stylus is the perfect solution for fat fingers, reducing touchscreen errors, and eliminating fingerprints while using your favorite touchscreen devices.

These comfortable high-grade silicone rings rest snugly at the tip of your fingers (they’re great on your thumb or your index finger) and have a capacitive tip integrated to provide you with much greater precision when using your touchscreen. Great for tablets, smartphones, Nintendo 3DS systems and any other capacitive touchscreen.

Package Contents: Sold in sets of 2 with a carabiner and dust plug for your headphone jack to keep your txtRng’s with you at all times.

Sizing: 1 size fits most, but please order directly from vendor if you would like to request extra small or extra large rings.

Please Note: These must be worn directly on the finger with contact to your skin in order to work properly. They cannot be worn over gloves.

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