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FipiLock Smart Fingerprint Lock

FipiLock Smart Fingerprint Lock
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1. Simple Design, Elegant Appearance: All Zinc Alloy Case with Seamless Joint Shows, The Simple Design, Streamlined Shape Shows the Fashion and Technology
2. Small and exquisite: Small As a Lipstick, Only 2.1OZ Weight
3. Cutting-Edge Fingerprint Technology: Capacitive Scanners, High Penetration, Excellent Recognition, Low Misjudgment Rate
4. 1 Second to Unlock: Super CPU, High-Tech Fingerprint Technology Learning Automatically

5. Low Power Consumption: One Charging Can Support Up to 2 Years for Normal Using
6. Dustproof and Waterproof: Up to IP65 Level,Prevent the Dust and Rain Efficiently
7. High-Level Safety Performance: All Zinc Alloy Case with Seamless Joint Prevents Hitting and Prying, High Quality Steel Wire Prevents Cutting
8. Wide Usage: It Can Be Used Widely in Bag, Suitcase, Cabinet, Bike and More

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