Fire Burning Hot Tub

Fire Burning Hot Tub
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The best way to relax after a hard day or during the weekend is soaking in a hot tub. This Fire burning portable hot tub will give you all you need and more(is the first time I’ve seen something like this!).

The hot tub is portable and it is budget-friendly.  You don’t need to make any changes at your home. Only make some space to install the hot tub.

What makes this hot tub different from the rest of the hot tubs? You only need to make a fire to get the water hot and steaming. There is no sophisticated installation required for this hot tub in order for you to enjoy a relaxing session.

Setting up the fire burning hot tub is easy:

  1. The hot tub has a metallic coil attached which acts as the furnace for making a fire. You will be required to make a fire(this is ought to be interesting!) which will then conduct the heat to the tub.
  2. The tub should be filled with water and should cover the points where the coil is attached to the tub.
  3. Make the fire and wait for some time for the heat to distribute evenly to the water. Once the water gets heated, you can enjoy your hot tub.

The coil and the pipes that are attached to the tub are separated by a windshield which will protect you from the smoke as a result of the fire. The tub has a capacity of 200 gallons.


  1. It is an easy-to-set-up hot tub and it is budget-friendly as well.
  2. The simplicity of the working of the hot tub makes it a hot commodity.


  1. The hot tub is quite small and can accommodate two people at the most.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense hot tub where you would be able to relax with a glass of wine or a beer. This is the perfect product to invest in. It is easy to set up and install and does not take up much size as it is designed to be a portable unit.

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