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My First Book 1

My First Book 1
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My First Book is designed with the 1-3 years old child in mind. The book focuses on teaching your child practical life skills that they will carry with them into adulthood, such as shape and number matching and sorting, imaginative play and how to dress themselves (how to use zippers, ties, buttons, tying shoelaces and so on). With parental guidance, it will be particularly beneficial to their critical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

IT’S SO MUCH FUN! Kids just LOVE playing with this interactive, day in the life experience fabric book. It helps kids improve their fine motor skills and reach key developmental milestones.
LET THEM IMMERSE with 16 bright, fun yet challenging pages: They’re sure to enjoy so many skills with this fabric busy book, from learning to do laundry, harvest fruit and vegetables, shape sorting, shoelace tying, getting dressed, color matching, learning numbers, buttoning, buckling, zipping, clip and braid hair. so many more delightful activities.

CERTIFIED WITH SAFETY REPORT. All materials are non-toxic and chewable, Safety test passed US(ASTM), Germany(AZO FREE) and the European (EN71)toy quality and safety tests.
THE IDEAL TRAVEL BUDDY WITH WATERPROOF BACKPACK. Perfect for keeping kids busily entertained as a car seat toy on long journeys, plane rides, train journeys, on the bus, at the airport, the station, during church services, weddings, in doctor waiting rooms or any public place. The book can be assembled into a backpack, allowing your child to bring it with them wherever they go. The backpack is also waterproof.

MONTESSORI METHOD AND PATENT DESIGN. It’s the best activity book that designed by MONTESSORI SCHOOL TEACHER for exercising finger muscle and providing flexibility training. The book outlook has been accepted design patent. The dinosaur on the cover page is left uncolored so to promote your child’s creativity by coloring it in. Using by physical therapists. Standard book for autism in other countries already. Loved around the world.

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