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FitNeck: Fix Your Neck Posture

FitNeck: Fix Your Neck Posture
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Designed in collaboration with chiropractors, doctors, and professional sports team trainers. It’s the only posture device that properly strengthens your critical neck muscles to realign your head back over your body.

Use FitNeck for just 1-2 min a day to prevent injury, relieve pain and fatigue caused by neck strain, reverse “text neck,” look better, and feel healthier!

Your neck posture is critically important to your overall wellbeing.

No exercise in the gym properly targets the stabilizer muscles in your neck which are responsible for pulling your head back over your shoulders and correcting your posture.

FitNeck is the only home device that properly assists in performing cervical retraction. The exercise prescribed by chiropractors to strengthen key stabilizer muscles in your neck. Unlike methods that use bands, towels or balls, FitNeck’s adjustable tension and hands-free use makes it easy to perform effective and safe cervical retractions.

Poor neck posture is more than just an unsexy look.

It actually leads to neck pain, headaches, fatigue, and a host of serious problems.

Normal exercise… if you can even find the time or energy… does not help. That’s because there are specific neck muscles that exercise equipment does not target. These neck muscles are responsible for aligning your head above your body, allowing your spine to function properly.

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