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Bicycle Multitool

Bicycle Multitool
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What makes us different? (other than the completely different approach?) Compact – around 4 inches long, ½ inch wide. Fits inside the width of a tube. Packs easily in a seat bag or jersey pocket. Lightweight – already one of the lightest tools on Earth at ~51 grams per set (2 sticks) No Moving Parts – Fix It Sticks bits are pressed into place and do not come out. No lost bits and no frustrating failures from moving parts.

Modular – just carry the tools you need and leave the work bench at home The greatest advantage of Fix It Sticks is the ability to use the same tools you use at home on the road. Instead of buying shop tools for the garage and a multitool for your saddlebag, just buy Fix It Sticks once. Standard Set (4,5,6mm hex / slotted) Tuner Set (2,2.5,3mm hex / phillips #2) Roadie Set (3,4,5mm hex / phillips #2) Mountain Set (4,5,6mm hex / torx 25).

Each set of Fix It Sticks Multitools have unique bits, see description below for size details
Gain tremendous leverage in the T shape and the L shape
Bits on original Fix It Sticks are pressed permanently in place (NOT REMOVABLE)
Fix It Sticks pack small in compact areas at 4 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide this bike tool fits in all saddlebags and jersey pockets
Weighing around 50 grams per set (2 sticks)

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