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Flameless Grill Smoker

Flameless Grill Smoker
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This is the one wooden chip smoker field that generates flavor-enhancing smoke with out producing flames, leading to extra concentrated, strong taste. Eight s-shaped vents on the lid of the oval cylindrical smoker permit simply sufficient oxygen to supply smoke however not sufficient to generate flames, making certain wooden chips smolder slowly and permitting extra smoke taste to infuse with meals.

The smoker is comprised of sturdy 20-gauge 304 metal that permits placement atop scorching coals or fuel burners and it holds as much as eight oz. of wooden chips. Includes a detachable 13″ handle that allows cooks to place the smoker on the heat source or remove it from the grill to add additional wood chips. 14″ L x 2 half” W x 1 3/4″ D. (1 1/three lbs.)

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