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FlashTorch Mini Burning Flashlight

FlashTorch Mini Burning Flashlight
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FlashTorch Mini Burning Flashlight
The FlashTorch Mini is the world’s smallest burning flashlight that is capable of producing an incredible 2300 lumens of intense white light.
Use this power to guide your way home, light a fire, or even fry an egg! Why illuminate when you can incinerate?

Utilising Lithium technology, the FlashTorch Mini is light and has a long run time. With 3 power selection modes, the brightness of the FlashTorch Mini can be tailored to your own needs. It can also be recharged without having to remove the battery, and the new automatic lock-out mode will prevent accidental use.

Each FlashTorch Mini includes a battery and a charger.
Battery Included: 18650 Lithium-Ion 3 x Battery Pack specifically designed for The FlashTorch mini flashlight.
Dimensions: 57mm x 47mm x 219mm ( Head x Barrel x Length)
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