Flexible Cable Wire Organizer

Flexible Cable Wire Organizer
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  • 【10FT in 25MM DIA】Each package includes 1 pack of 10 feet cable management sleeve in 1 inch diameter.Flexible and soft plastic allows you to trim it to the lengths you need and make multiple sleeves to manage more cords,hdmi and power cables.The 1″ wide diameter design provides more space for fitting a wide variety of cable gauges which can hold up to 6 TV cables and 6 USB cords!1 cable wire guide clip is included in the package as FREE BONUS to help you thread the cables into the tubes easily!
  • 【Electrical Insulated PE】Made of durable & expandable halogen free PE material which is high density,anti-scratch and fire-retardant,works well in extreme hot or cold weather(-60C to +85C).Electrical insulated material allow you to safely manage your cables and cords and keep your kids or pets away from electric shocks.PE is stronger and more impact resistant than other plastics,can protect the cords from tearing,foot traffic and pet chewing,allow bundling multiple cables without deformation
  • 【Easy to install with Zip Tool】Don’t require any fitting tools,our cable management sleeve with cable guide clip provides an incredibly quick and easy way to organize several cables.1.Open the spring-loaded jaws of the clip and lay your cables inside;2.Push the bullet-shaped end of the clip into the tube;3.Slowly pull the clip down along the tube,ensure the cables completly inside the bundler;4.The cables are simply transferred from the clip into the bundle
  • 【Outlet Design&DIY Length】The cut-outs along the EZ bundler allow you to pull out the cables from every breakout point,convernient for daily charging or other connecting.At same time,crowded cables and wires can overheat,and even causing the risk of fire.But the breakout points on the bundler provide great ventilation to prevent them from overheating!Flexible material allows DIY length.Turn one 10-foot sleeve into two 5-foot sleeves,or connect multiple sleeves to bundle longer cables
  • 【Say Goodbye to Tangled Mess of Wires】Our cable management sleeve not only keep your wires organized and tangle-free,offer you a clean,neat and tidy surrounding,but also extend the life of your cables through protection against abrasion,moisture, temperature fluctuations,at the same time,prevent electric leakage to protect your kids and pets from danger.Ideal for managing computer cable,power cords,TV wires,USB cords,car cable,audio cables,or other mechanical equipment.Suitable for home/office
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