Floating Ball Game

Floating Ball Game
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  • Demonstrating Bernoulli’s Principle: Good example of Bernoulli’s law in action. The ball can float up and then by lowering the air flow it will land back on the ring. This can be demonstrated by turning the base of the pipe 15-20 degrees – the ball will remain suspended in the air flow even though it is not directly above it
  • Full of Challenge Game: put the ball in a seat, blowing to the holes, blow up easily, let it need some skills to stay in the air and keep balance, blow or gas is not enough it will fall off. Blowing hard,the blow blew against the ball and kept it from falling, very funny
  • Multipurpose Educational Toys: This Floating Blow Pipe & Balls Blowing Toys can develop some oral motor skills, improves hand eye co-ordination and sharpens the mental ability. It is also good for training young wind instrument players
  • Require Patience: The ball is too light and soft so a bit prone to deformation so you’ll have to be careful with it. You can practise keeping the ball suspended as high as you can while still being able to catch it with the blower when the ball falls back down
  • Green Environmental Material: Made from 100% high quality natural wood with non-toxic paint finishes, durable, safe and smooth surface. The white balls are styrofoam
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