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Floating Leaves Transparent Print 09

Floating Leaves Transparent Print 09
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‘Floating Leaves’ is the unique and enchanting outcome from a collaboration between three renowned Copenhagen based Danish Design houses – Moebe, The Paper Collective and Norm Architects.

Norm Architects’ previous print collection called ‘Sabi Leaves’ was a botanical expression of time frozen, capturing the vulnerable effects of weathering on botanical life. On a similar note, this new collection, called Floating Leaves by Norm Architects, are images of botanical leaves at various stages of fresh green beauty and decay, only this time, the images are printed directly onto transparent foil which then sits between the perspex glass of the Moebe Frame. The end result is a unique & innovative transparent print that gives the illusion of a real life leaf floating within the frames.

Hanging or layering them against the wall, these frames and prints are bound to bring an expression of the passing of time and the changes in season into your home.

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