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Floating Sisal Cat Shelf Post

Floating Sisal Cat Shelf Post
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These are bracket-less sisal posts which are meant to be used like steps. We really want to do a full wall of these, like in that old Price is Right game Plinko.

We have three cats, each with a different size and shape. Each one of them is able to use these steps with no problem. Ickle is our hefty 16 lb. cat and has surprised us most with his agility on these pieces, Heisenberg is our lanky, active cat who can conquer anything, and Lylah is our dainty little four month old baby, who is the only one able to fully lounge on these posts. They can all jump up from below and pull themselves up onto the posts.

When screwed into a stud, these posts are very strong and have been tested to hold 50 pounds. (They didn’t budge.)

Each post is 4″ wide and 11″ long.

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