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Flower Fairy Travel Mug

Flower Fairy Travel Mug
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ACERA was founded in 1986, is exquisite imitation Tang San Cai pottery for stunning the world to establish a professional brand image at the History Museum and the Palace Museum. ACERA based art toward beneficial body, and spirit healthy artistic ceramics development. Tourmaline is the only gemstone that carries a permanent electric charge capable of producing 0.06mA of electric current; similar to the human body’s cranial nerve pulse wave. When treated, it is able to neutralize harmful electromagnetic wave cations.

Apart from having actual beneficial effects to the body and mind, they are also beautifully crafted and meant to be appreciated for their artistic appeal. From Taiwan to the international market: thanks to the Asian brand ACERA the western design meets the Chinese culture and habits ACERA, founded in 1986, is a Taiwanese brand, which aims to develop the ancient ceramic artisanship for contemporary times. Tumblers are the ACERA’s iconic products. Very well known in China and Taiwan, ACERA is pursuing the goal of becoming a global brand for daily ceramic products. By continuously dedicating itself to progress and innovation (ACERA introduces unique techniques and patented tech – nology to its rigorous manufacturing), the brand LIVEN provides its customers with high-quality and safety-certified products, that can have a traditional or a modern design.

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