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Flower Vase Necklace by Mr. Lentz

Flower Vase Necklace by Mr. Lentz
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A beautiful hand carved wood flower vase necklace that can become home to a brilliant woodland flower and a sprig of greenery. Prepare your day by plucking a new flower of your choosing to put in your necklace.

This is an eco-friendly necklace that you can feel good about wearing. Handcrafted from sustainable materials.

The vase necklace has been handcrafted so that you may pick any small flower, grass or plant that you fancy and place it into the vase. The wood has been stained with an all-natural and non-toxic water based stain.

A final finish of pure walnut oil and beeswax has been rubbed onto this piece. Your necklace will be packaged in a minimalist style, saving trees by using entirely 100% recycled products. After receiving your package in the mail, simply retrieve your piece from the well-protected enclosure and recycle the rest, guilt free.

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